UNC – NCAA Scandal: What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

. . . and it’s a long time coming.

I grew up a die-hard NC State fan.

In the book, Personal Fouls, Peter Golenbock alleged improper practices and a lack of institutional control in the NC State athletics department. The allegations included grade fixing, lowered or waived entrance requirements for athletes, the selling of tickets and sneakers by athletes, and frequent drug use by athletes.The claims were refuted by Valvano and Chancellor Bruce Poulton. The NCAA, under Valvano’s request, investigated the matter and found nothing more serious than athletes selling sneakers. Allegations of grade fixing were also investigated by the NC State faculty senate and were found to be false. Allegations of point shaving were investigated by the North Carolina and New Jersey Attorneys General and found to be false. Nevertheless, due in part to the publication of Personal Fouls and the stigma thus attached to the program, Valvano was fired on April 7, 1990.

When Golebock destoryed Jim Valvano and the NC State Basketball, Dean Smith and UNC touted themselves as academic titans. Dean Smith used this to his advantage – especially when he could not win on the court. Dean Smith even went as far as turning in Norm Sloan for giving a player (David Thompson) a jacket after NC State won the National Championship in 1974. This is how Dean SMith used to respond to losing on the court. Needless to say, a great coach, a compassionate person, a horrible loser. In 1987, when undefeated UNC lost to NC state in the finals of the ACC Championship game, Dean Smith pushed a camera man down as he was walking out.

Now UNC’s high-and-mighty position as champions of student athletic integrity appears to be continously tainted and all I have to say is – GIVE. NO. QUARTER. Treat them with the same regard Penn State and Joe Paterno received. When you live high with much protection inside a bubble – playing by your own rules – you desrve the harshness you get.

Transcript shows low hurdles for UNC athletes to stay eligible

UNC’s academic scandal involves basketball players?

UNC’s Football program has certainly taken a beating. What’s great about that is the wall of protection – should I say – UNC athletics’ “REALITY DISTORTION FIELD” has been penetrated. With that, all of the scrutiny begins and the whistleblowers will start to come out and they will reveal where all of the bodies are buried.

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” has no taken the ball and are running with it. Everyone knows that these guys are the “60 Minutes” of Sports Controversy. Once they are on to you – you are toast.

John Skipper’s ESPN to feature UNC Scandal on OTL tonight

UNC Whistleblower Speaks

ESPN to feature UNC Academics Scandal on OTL tonight at 6pm

BTW: Coach Roy WIlliams pretty much said they he could give a shit about athletics – it was not his job to be concerned with that. So much for the concept of student athletes. Meanwhile, the students don’t get ANY compensation above tuition/board and the coaches get wealthy.


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