Great Agnostic Responses to Creationism

So, the big debate of Science (Evolution) vs. Creationism finally took place. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) debated Ken Hamm in a very academic and civil forum. With no sarcasm or smugness, Bill Nye went against the arrogant grain and debated the points of how science and faith are different with an engaging professional manner emulating the very outreach style the opponents often use.

After the debate, several followers of creationism were given the opportunity to ask questions by posing for pictures holding cards containing the handwritten questions. I’ve posted two links that contain the individual responses as well as commentary on how Bill Nye may have finally turned the tide by giving Ken Hamm and the Creationists what they wanted – attention and a forum. After all, this is America and they have the right to be heard. They’re wrong but just because they are wrong does not mean they are not worthy of the 1st amendment or worthy of debate. Thank God (haha) that Bill Nye was willing to step forward.

22 Responses To Questions From Creationists

No Snark, No Sarcasm: How One Scientist Engaged Creationists



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