My Daughter’s SmartPhone Saga

Some have said that I should not be giving my daughters smartphones at such an early age. The truth is with this generation, if you give them devices that text, they will text you. That’s what they do. When you are often hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from your kids – you’ll gladly take those texts (Unlimited text plans and insurance are a given, obviously.) It is also a great opportunity for me to see where they are in terms of responsibility. So, yes, both my daughters now have smartphones including my youngest who turns 10 this year. 


I got it for her a week and a half ago. Just over a week after she got it, it suddenly was “stolen” as reported to me by her mother. It has “disappeared” from her backpack at school. I receive all of this news while on the elliptical at the gym. My first thought was “I better exit and get to a computer immediately to use the phone locator feature as well as shutting down the service.” My second thought was to finish my workout first. Conflicted, I decided to do a little experiment:

I sent a text to my daughter’s phone: “I know what you did.”


A few seconds later, I sent another one: “I know who you are.”


Then I waited. Then sent this. “I know where you live. The police are coming to get you!”


Then, all of a sudden, my phone rang. It was my daughter’s phone.


A very perturbed lady on the other end said “Who am I speaking with?”


I told her that she was speaking with me – gave my name – and informed her that she was in possession of my daughter’s stolen phone.


She replied like a mother who finally realized what was going on. “Ah! so that explains everything!”


Long story short, I gave her my ex-wife’s number and the exchange took place in the principal’s office this morning. Phone is returned. I am interested to see how much my text’s had to do with it. LOL!


BTW – This is the second phone theft incident that has involved direct confrontation this year. 

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