Pictures of the Garbage Floating in the North Pacific

Historically, over the past several decades there have been discussions, regulations, movements, etc. regarding environmental issues such as plastic in landfills, garbage barges, non-biodegradable components like Styrofoam, a discussion that has started coming up recently involves an issue that has been going on for years. You’ve probably heard of the “Texas-size” pile of garbage of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean.



My guess is the massive amounts of false alarms involving the plight of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – where so-called credible leads turned out to be nothing more than the normal garbage and oil slicks eventually shed light on this unspoken secret.

While there are large particles and small particles, it is not simply made up of plastic bags and empty bottles, but billions of pieces of non-biodegradable material that is mostly of a polymorphic origin. Unless you are up close and floating in it, it is basically invisible from most satellite photos other than the slight hue variances. Truth is – you can navigate through it, but if you add up the mass area of the garbage including what lies at the bottom and in the middle at various depths, it would actually be way larger than Texas.


And there’s more than one in the Pacific. Oh, and every other ocean has one as well:

gp3 gp4 gp5 gp6 gp7 gp1 gp2

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