Month: June 2014

Recent Lesson in Irony

Someone very close to me shared this recent event with me:

“I just watched a large group totally grift a local restaurant, family owned. Constant questioning of their order, the bill, confusing the waitress by saying they ate something different than they did, refusing to pay the large group gratuity, demanding to have their payments on their credit cards cancelled so they could “pay in cash” and leave less. Who were they? A group of those elderly biker types who ride the big sedan-like 3 wheeled motorcycles. I don’t care how many American flags you drape yourself and your bike in: when you don’t pay your bill and you screw over the waitress, you’re nothing but low down grifter on three wheels, and all your tshirts proclaiming yourself a “patriot” become downright offensive.”

This is all too common in the South – and no, it is not African-Americans, Europeans, or any of the typical stereotypes as your expected culprits. These are most commonly White people. I know this type quite well. Deep down inside they resent non-whites – poor African Americans, Illegal Immigrants from Mexico, Muslims, and others all in the name of Security and Fiscal conservatism when truth be told, many of these people willingly latch on to the same benefits while listening to talk radio – talk radio that plays on their hatred and insecurities. Often, their bitterness comes from the fact they do not get any of these benefits.

They co-opt the platforms of the fiscal conservatives and Republican Party – These types of people co-opt conservative values and morality when truth be told, they’d be fine with a Christian-Socialist theocracy – So long as it was only white people.