Month: March 2015

Religious Freedom: Code for “I Hate Homos”

Does the “religious freedom” act in Indiana mean Muslims can practice Sharia law? Can Rastafarians smoke marijuana freely? Can FLDS members have multiple wives? Or is this solely the freedom to discriminate against homosexuals? Why did they lie and not call it what it is – the “Christian Freedom to refuse service to Homosexuals Act.” I love how homophobic “Free-Market Conservatives” are in an uproar about businesses exercising their rights as free-market conservatives NOT to do business in certain States where these laws are being passed. Discrimination is bad for business. You legislate discrimination in your state, you send a message to a certain type of people they are not welcome in that state. You are intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally) reducing the market. Many businesses don’t want to be a part of that – and they have that right. They don’t want people to think they do not want their money. You are always hearing me state why I am not a Democrat – well this is one of the many reasons I am not a Republican.


My First Time Watching a Crowd-Funded Theatrical Release

I was interested to see this because I was aware that it was crowd-funded. This was the first movie that was both simultaneously released in theater and on-demand that I watched the day it came out. The secondary supporting actor in this film were the wigs worn by the “BabyDoll” character. I could not decide which one I liked better – the Emo wig or the “Davey Jones” wig. But larry Miller was missing some serious makeup. A surprisingly good cast that did not consist of Carolla lackeys. I’ve listened to the Carolla podcasts and he can be quite repetitive with his jokes. i wished he did not recycle them here – that would be my only critique – otherwise, a well-written movie with a great story line. As one who has spent a lot of time on the road, i can appreciate much of what is talked about in this film. If Adam Carolla wants to be taken seriously as an actor – he needs to learn how to play another character besides himself. There is also some weakness in the writing of Kevin Hench. I know Adam loves the guy – but this is a reason Adam’s movies do not get the due they get – there is no left-wing conspiracy. The actual pieces of “good writing” that do appear come from nowhere – just like Dana Gould. Also – I cannot wait for Carolla’s next film because he will actually have to come up with something that would require him to generate range. His last movie was about boxing and this one dives into carpentry. We are running out of real-life Carolla to mine from. Also the female character lead could not be so headstrong and within two days of meeting Carolla’s character turn into such a clingy person. On talent and jokes, I would give 5 stars. On Writing, I would give it a 3.5. On directing and editing, I would give it less than 3.