Religious Freedom: Code for “I Hate Homos”

Does the “religious freedom” act in Indiana mean Muslims can practice Sharia law? Can Rastafarians smoke marijuana freely? Can FLDS members have multiple wives? Or is this solely the freedom to discriminate against homosexuals? Why did they lie and not call it what it is – the “Christian Freedom to refuse service to Homosexuals Act.” I love how homophobic “Free-Market Conservatives” are in an uproar about businesses exercising their rights as free-market conservatives NOT to do business in certain States where these laws are being passed. Discrimination is bad for business. You legislate discrimination in your state, you send a message to a certain type of people they are not welcome in that state. You are intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally) reducing the market. Many businesses don’t want to be a part of that – and they have that right. They don’t want people to think they do not want their money. You are always hearing me state why I am not a Democrat – well this is one of the many reasons I am not a Republican.

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