Master Persuader? No, Scott Adams, he’s just a Troll.


What is the true definition of Master Persuader? Well, it may vary – however one thing is perfectly clear. The definition that has been given to our President is not what those who perpetuate it want you to believe. That it is the reverse-engineered, retrofitted form of pseudo-psychology created by normally intellectual advanced individuals to rationalize their support for a brash, arrogant, and/or incompetent populist leader. Rather than bring themselves to admit one has simply been successful at preying upon their unconscienced bias and prejudices while playing to their reptilian instincts, this alternative theory was crafted instead. It is also claimed to be a form of hypnotism.

Let’s use this recent Presidential context in a dialog:

Max – “Did you read on Twitter where he said that he heard some things about that soldier’s wife that were suspect?”

Mary – “I did, right after he tweeted about that news anchor’s body odor.”

Mary – “Oh, and I also love that clever nickname he gives to that short Senator. He calls him “Liddle!” Such Genius!”

Max – “Well, you know he is a Master Persuader.”

In other words, what is viewed upon a high level as thus is nothing more than one being able to tap in and trigger that inner troll that resides in most all of us. Maybe not so much anarchical such as those who would just rather see the world burn, but those that get lured into the troll fantasy. Nobody explained it better vividly than Matt Stone and Trey Parker in the famous South Park “skankhunt42” episode from Season 20 Episode 2. Actually, the troll arc lasts most of the entire season yet here are some short gems:

Watch the entire episode here:!airdate

Want to know more, just simply go read Scott Adam’s blog ( as he is the founder of this pseudo-psychology as it applies to Trump. There is no doubt that with the recent cognitive diagnosis of Trump being positive, Mr. Adams will no doubt turn this more towards his “Master Persuader” Theory. However, the cynic in me looks towards the obvious, he’s also leveraging this to sell his book “Win Bigly.” And isn’t this what it is all about?

Remember, this is Scott Adams – who has a bi-directional polarized scorecard with his ventures much like Nicolas Cage does with his movies. Scott’s success came from his view into the IT world with Dilbert – long before it was mainstream. However, his foray into the book/self-help/pseudo-science world is bizarre. When he writes about what he knows (i.e. The Dilbert Principle) it is quite exceptional. However, I like many others was pretty disappointed in the follow-up ( where he starts to go off the rails a bit.

He’s not bashful about his efforts either (to give him credit.) He writes about this in another book (

So maybe this is just another example of him temporarily going off the rails. Let’s hope so.


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