Urban Dictionary Contribution: Amway Moment

The point within a dialogue or conversation where someone begins to gradually shift (or suddenly shift) focus of the conversation from the original false pretense to the true intention of espousing their recent foray into the world of multi-level marketing thus beginning with immense zeal, their well-rehearsed recruitment speech. This moment is intensified by the nature of the other party initiating the conversation shift. This party is usually one of the following:

1) An acquaintance you have just met and were beginning to possibly explore later friendship.

2) One with whom you may possibly be interested in from a romantic point of view and they seem to be reciprocating.

3) An old friend, colleague, spouse, or significant other with whom you have recently reconnected with via the Internet or in person.

A similar form of usage would be: “to go Amway on you” or “He ruined a good chance of getting her in the sack when he prematurely went Amway on her.”

1.) Prior to the Amway moment, the conversation was going well. For a second there, I actually thought I had made a new friend.

2.) Once that Amway moment happens with a friend, the friendship is irrevocably broken to a certain extent.

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