You used the Wrong B-Word, Cheryl

Well you may have heard by now that there is a movement (complete with star-studded Internet Video and all) to “ban” the word bossy. Hmmmm. Really? OK, there are several things about this that make me cringe. First reaction is that it reminded me of one of those bad ideas reminiscent of a forced collaborative project by a bunch of low performers desperate to gain visibility within their organization – or something to come out of one of the “Celebrity Apprentice” challenges. Nonetheless, it is all over the Innerwebs:

I get the feeling “bossy” was not the word they originally wanted to ban (or at least I hope.) I wasn’t aware that the term “bossy” was always meant to be derogatory. Of course, I’m a guy so I will accept that ignorance. However, as the father of two daughters, I would much prefer my girls to be “bossy” or even “bitchy” for that matter, if that is what it takes for them to earn respect in spite of their achievements. What I don’t want is to call further attention to this trait as being always negative because as someone who works in corporate America who has had female managers, I can tell you that I would much rather work for the “bossy” boss or even “bitchy,” or “cold” boss then the “hippie” manager or the one who “mothers” her staff and pretends we are all her children.

It’s not the word “bossy” that is bad. It is the attitude and context behind it. When I have actually heard this style of critique of a female, the word “bossy” is followed by the word “bitch.” The latter being the derogatory phrase. We love to work small to big. We always want to go for the low hanging fruit. That is what makes most of us mediocre. We don’t want to solve real problems so we create pointless campaigns. We do have bigger problems to solve. We even have more important issues to address with our daughters. How about helping our daughters by encouraging STEM education and interests beyond reality TV and “escape-my-parents-by-baby-makin?” How about we educate women to stop being mean to each other? How about we teach the pretty and popular girls not to be so cruel to the plain, frumpy, mousy, and chubby girls they will one day be working for – and perhaps – learn a few lessons from them (focusing on education and career.) How about teaching them that if they insist on going through that bad-boy phase, at least use birth control so you won’t be trapped with him for the next several decades.

So with all of that being said:

1.) Banning a word does nothing to address or change the negative feelings and attitudes behind it.

2.) If you are going to ban a word, at least ban the right word.

3.) Do we actually think that the word “bossy” is on par with other words for which we have understood unwritten rules removing them from the mainstream lexicon? (i.e. the N-word or the F-word, or now the R-word.)

Of course, as I am finishing this up, we have several other articles that are also ridculing this.,0,6194333.story?track=rss#axzz2vxu7sZXo

The more I think about it, the more I believe this was a grand idea by Cheryl Sandberg to follow up her successful book. But isn’t she attacking the very trait that propelled her to massive success. If she’s trying to change the culture from within, she should have stuck with her original idea (I believe) which is to ban the word “bitch” instead of listen to her HR people who warned her it might be too harsh.


Revisiting the Reality Distortion field.

I think it is time to remind people of Steve Jobs and the RDF (Reality Distortion Field)

From Wikipedia:

“RDF is the idea that Steve Jobs is able to convince himself and others to believe almost anything with a mix of charm, charisma, bluster, exaggeration, marketing and persistence. RDF is said to distort an audience’s sense of proportion or scale. Small advances are applauded as breakthroughs. Interesting developments become turning points, or huge leaps forward. Impossible-seeming schedules, requirements or specifications are acceded to. Snap judgments about technical merits of approaches are sometimes reversed without acknowledgment. Those who use the term RDF contend that it is not an example of outright deception but more a case of warping the powers of judgment. The term “audience” may refer to an individual whose attitudes Steve is intending to affect.”

To call it a form of Jedi Mind Trick is insulting to the Star Wars Universe. The Jedi Mind Trick is fiction and based on tricking people who are not otherwise easily persuaded. RDF, on the other hand, is real and predatory and only requires highly suggest-able people who desperately want to be part of a group to the point of drastically changing their lifestyle to fit the groupthink.

In other words, you all belong to a cult.

Now that Jobs has passed on, his cult-like following has blossomed into a religion where Steve Jobs now seems to get sole credit for all of the technological developments and advancements of the last 40 years. Talk about the revision of history. All for a man who literally believed his own bullshit to the point where he ignored is doctor’s advice and lived off a fruit diet and bypassed all advanced medical treatments until it was well too late. Who knew someone who lived off fructose would ultimately get pancreatic cancer? LOL.

Now the reality distortion field is trying to insist that people want to carry around a phone, tablet, *AND* a Laptop.

Here come the Student Athletic Unions!!!

As Northwestern Players Pursue Unionization, a Voice in the Wilderness Gains a Chorus

As the sanctions continue to oppress programs, punishing mostly poor and minority students – the NCAA and many academics yielded no quarter to the plight of the student athlete juxtaposed with the booming big business of college sports. Yes, Shane Battier asking for NBA-style salaries was ridiculous over a decade ago. But Shane Battier was one guy. What most of these athletes need, they cannot get because it will cost them their careers and colleges their programs.

Is it too much to ask to provide student athletes with the following:

  • Full Room and Board
  • 1000 a month stipend
  • Scholarship insurance
  • Transportation back and forth home
  • Health/Medical Care fully covered while playing
  • Graduation Financial Bonus

Why do Universities take sponsorship’s, merchandise deals, and TV deals allowing coaching staff to make millions. The Officers of the NCAA make millions as well – yet they will not even allow the above for the students.

The NCAA should have seen this coming. As the Internet says, “You should have expected us!”