The 3 Wolf Moon Shirt Continues to Bring Me Fortune . . .

Ah, the Mighty, Powerful 3 Wolf Moon Shirt. Has helped me to attract massive hot female friends on Facebook.

I now have has four words of advice for men out there going up against female divorce attorneys: “Three Wolf Moon Shirt.”

The Power of the 3 Wolf Moon Shirt is intense.  So much so that the shirt now comes with a warning label:

There are now even pajamas:


They even come with a trap door so you do not have to take them off.

Brittany Murphy Dies

Brittany Murphy Dies.

Nerdodamus is saddened that Brittany Murphy lost her battle. When this is sorted out, this will be ruled as a casualty of a war with weight. She showed much talent in many roles including my favorite – the voice of “Luann from King of the Hill.”  Great stuff including “Girl Interrupted,” “8 Mile,” “Clueless,” “Don’t Say a Word,” and more.

Channeling Nipsey Russell

Nerdodamus sez: Money, Power, and Fame, trumps all kinds of game! Hey, I made a rhyme, thats cool! Bring on Cornell West and Sharpton!

Nerdodamus is ante-ing up that Bill Clinton is giving Tiger a big “thumbs up.” Oh dear, I am hitting Nipsey Russell territory now . . .

It will cost Tiger 300 million to get himself free. I guess like Santa, he should have stopped with three. ALL HAIL NIPSEY!!! ALL HAIL NIPSEY!!!!

The Prophet Himself . . .


And one final one:

“The opposite of ‘pro’ is ‘con’ This fact is clearly seen – but if ‘progress’ means move forward What does ‘Congress’ mean?” – Nipsey

A New Obsession with Amazon.com

At this point, I have to admit, I have a new Internet entertainment obsession: Amazon.com. Yes, I know your first reaction would likely be, “who doesn’t?” Well this is a little different from what you would expect and it even does not require the spending of money.

What started it:

A co-worker shared a link on Facebook posted by another co-worker regarding some particularly hilarious Amazon customer reviews. These reviews were of the (apparently now famous/infamous) Mountain Men’s Three Wolf Moon Shirt:

The Mountain Men’s Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee:


Let me first warn you. Before you start perusing the reviews you might be advised upon doing so, the next two to three hours of your day just might be spent. Starting with the first one: “This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that’s when the magic happened . . .”

I was hooked. I could not stop.

Upon doing some additional binging (no – we don’t “Googel” here) on the web, I discovered this has become quite the internet meme while remaining somewhat underreported. It turns out, the Wolf Moon T-shirt is one of the most popular of this phenom but not the only one.

Numerous references are made to the “Tuscan Whole Milk” customer review page (I know – ordering milk online?)

The Tuscan Whole Milk Reviews
(Heavily popular and well-referenced across the web)

What further amazes me is the fact these are allowed to stay posted. And that’s where the creativity lies. Amazon’s customer review policy only targets the removal of negative and inciddiery reviews that are not directly target at the product itself. Although, many times, this is put to the test and in some of what I read, pretty much this policy has been violated (see Bil Keane below.)

Some reviews are not nearly a bizarre as the product that is beiong reviewed. Did you know Amazon sold Uranium Ore?


Are you in the market for some BIC Pens? Why go to the local Walgreens when you can order from Amazon and – get the inside scoop from customer reviews!


“Very good if you need to write on paper!”

And where else can you get literary perspectives of the King James Bible with varying degrees of intellect:

Then we come to the Family Circus Reviews: Someone has serious issues with Bil Keane.



And as for the shirt? Yes, I did order one. I mean – who could resist with such stellar reviews!

Russian Entropy

Meet Pasha. Someone please ship XBOX360 to Russia, STAT!


Take away the Fancy Karate Gi, studios, weapons, CGI superhuman effects, and controlled dojos, and this is what most of the white guys look like doing karate. Still effective likely in combat, but sorry guys, the truth hurts.

Documentary film director Michael Moore, who has become a millionaire thanks to the profits from his movies, told CNSNews.com that “capitalism did nothing” for him.

Doesn’t this remind you of a spoiled child? This article is an exercise in irony. Better yet, even more ironic is the fact that Michael Moore’s rise from nothing is an example of how the entrepreneurial spirit and Capitalism can self-make you. I agree with him attacking coporate welfare. I just think its overshadowed by a flawed premise. What he attacks is not true free-market Capitalism.


It would be interesting in my lifetime . . .

It would be interesting in my lifetime . . .

to drive a Pink El Camino

to hear Depeche Mode covering “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”

to study Metaphysical Virology

to have been a fly on the wall in the household of Dr. Beverly DiAngelis and Dr. John Gray while they were married

to see Gary Glitter, Andy Kim, Gilbert O’Sullivan, and Petra all at the same venue.

to see the contestants of American Idol perform the music of the Wu-Tang Clan

to also see Elton John perform at a benefit concert for Fred Phelps

to witness a political round-table discussion including Bill O’Reilly, Mumia Abu-Jamaal, Noam Chomsky, and Barney Frank

to meet five sisters named Paris, Domino, Lulu, Rae Dawn, and Zsa Zsa

to read about a polygamist family with one wife and six husbands

to have Presidential Pardons of Brian Peppers and Tommy Chong