Apps for #Avgeeks: JetLovers

Apps for #Avgeeks: JetLovers.


. . . agrees with me! Jet Lover’s Flight Club is the coolest to keep track of your flight history.


She told me about this too – I’ll have to check it out as well.

UPDATE: IT TOTALLY BLOWS. You have to either enter everything in from memory or have tracked everything in an Excel Spreadsheet – while guessing the right import schema. LAME!!!!!!


Memories of Maya Angelou

I met Maya Angelou in the 1990’s. I sat next to her on a flight. Looking back on it, I would describe it more accurately as “She got stuck next to me on a flight.” She looked very tired and was not in the mood for conversation. Unfortunately for her, that did not stop me from attempting to make conversation. After several failed attempts including such gems as “Yanno, I’m a writer too!” and “You smell really good!” I had an epiphany as I could see the burgeoning contempt she had for me in her eyes. I had become one of those annoying travelers. I learned a valuable lesson about traveling and personal space.