American Entropy

Union Work Stoppages/Slowdowns hurt People <br>

You know you are desperate when all you have is the military for work. Funny how the corner has turned on this one. <br>

Never go to the ER if you can avoid it <br>

Politicians get Dead Soldier’s name wrong <br>

Randy Quaid’s poem to his dog, Doji. <br>

Woman addicted to eating toilet paper. <br>


Nerdodamus is sympathetic

I know the feeling, I mean how many times have listened to something like this and you just want to teleport yourself anywhere . . . *ANYWHERE* . . . other than where you are at the moment. I am sure Ron Wood would have the same affect if he employed a translator.

I mean it can be entertaining to be a spectator to such a trainwreck but poor guy! To be an unwilling participant.