Chocolate Irony

Here’s what happens when the following sign is placed on your door. Over the course of the next two years, various people in the community (politicians, salespeople, fundraisers, religious converters, service solicitors, and petitioners) come up against it and while they respect the sign – they also remember it. They also tell neighbors and friends. At some point, the neighborhood elementary school decides to have a fundraiser selling chocolate bars. That day was today. I had a lot of visitors.



Repurposing and Reviving this Site

It is time to repurpose and reinvent this site.

As you can tell, this site has been dormant for a while. I created this site several years ago when I did not take online writing as serious as I do now. I was also in a transitional period where I was finding my voice and having to divorce myself of – not just a marriage – but old ideologies that were sugar-coated in wirings that came from genetics, nurture, and of course, how the true male mind is wired. Reconciling what I was once with what I really wanted to be – helped me quite  bit. I have no desire to be purposely be funny but I do continue to try to craft my humor, ideas, and wit. More importantly, I am finding out how real successful people think. How people, thriving during the recent recession and who continue to excel now – think – and act – especially on the Internet.

I feel I have a lot to contribute – not necessarily because the viewpoints are unique, but because I do believe more people may actually agree with me than not. Whether it is my desire to be truly apolitical and independent in thinking, or just random musings on particular topics, this work in progress will hopefully not be just another blowhard blog, but something that can be insightful and entertaining. For starters, I got rid of the old blow-hard title and introduced some honesty. I also feel I need to put all of thoughts and ideas into a repository that is open to feedback. I am at a point where I am starting to wonder how much I may have forgotten than I have remembered to write down or further develop into something cohesive.

In the meantime, the old posts will remain with their nice three year gap. I saw no point in deleting them or starting over because I love this name, site, and domain entry. It also gives a nice static shot of where I was at the time and in some cases, where the Internet was at the time.

I still have libertarian views with regards to ideological leaning – but lately I hate to use that term because I do not subscribe to any political party and never plan to again. All of the fringes, wingnuts, and policy wonks have co-opted this term either through the official “Libertarian Party” (for which I used to be a member and at one point was registered one) or the more recent “faux-independents” under the guise and ultimately loyalty to the Republican Party. Some independence. I bring a perspective of ideas that move towards self-realization and personal professional development rather than politics and ideas as sport.

I welcome comments, criticism so long as it does not turn into anarchy. I can even tolerate trolls to a point. Like a lot of unpleasant aspects of the Internet, they are here to stay and a fact of life. Truth is, they have always been there but given the fact they are mostly cowards in nature, they have never had such a safe haven to thrive as much before the Internet.

I will also try my best to cite credit where credit is due. Some much on the Internet is plagiarized on purpose and by accident. With the billions of people in this world, it *IS* conceivable that more than one person will come up with a great idea or a profound statement of insight without each being aware of the other’s existence. I love citing references – especially if it was a source that did wonders for me. I also love discussing influencers and will share these as much as possible.

The Deteriorata

Sorry, Desiderata fans – I could not resist. I first heard this listening to tapes of the National Lampoon Radio Hour:

Specifically, it is a spoof of San Francisco radio and television personality Les Crane’s spoken word recording of Desiderata. It was written by Tony Hendra and recorded by National Lampoon as part of their National Lampoon Radio Dinner album of 1972.

When I first heard it all I could think of was the fact that every other friggin’ dorm room at any given college had that annoying “Desiderata” poster. It became so ubiquitous and cliché that you almost wondered if it was issued to each student.

In retrospect, something such as the Desiderata can serve to cause smug, entitled, 18-year-old college freshman to be even more smug and entitled. Probably more fitting to give to one as a birthday or Christmas gift in that first year after college when still seeking gainful employment – to the one who is heading into their final week of unemployment benefits and getting ready to accept the job paying half of what the former paid – or to the soldier coming home from war.

For the smug, entitled, 18-year-old college freshman – The Deteriorata is much more appropriate:

(National Lampoon)

(You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Deteriorata, Deteriorata)

Go placidly amidst the noise and waste, and remember what comfort there may be in owning a piece thereof. Avoid quiet and passive persons, unless you are in need of sleep. Rotate your tires. Speak glowingly of those greater than yourself; and heed well their advice, even though they be turkeys. Know what to kiss – and when. Consider that two wrongs never make a right, but that three do. Wherever possible, put people on hold. Be comforted, that in the face of all irridity and disillusionment, and despite the changing fortunes of time, there is always a big future in computer maintenance.

(You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, The universe is laughing behind your back.)

Remember the Pueblo. Strive at all times to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate. Know yourself. If you need help, call the FBI. Exercise caution in your daily affairs, especially with those persons closest to you… That lemon on your left, for instance. Be assured that a walk through the seas of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet. Fall not in love, therefore, it will stick to your face. Gracefully surrender the things of youth: the birds, clean air, tuna, Taiwan – and let not the sands of time get in your lunch. Hire people with hooks. For a good time, call 606-4311, ask for Ken. Take heart in the deepening gloom that your dog is finally getting enough cheese. And reflect that whatever misfortune may be your lot, it could only be worse in Milwaukee.

(You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, The universe is laughing behind your back.)

Therefore, make peace with your god, whatever you perceive him to be: hairy thunderer or cosmic muffin. With all its hopes, dreams, promises, and urban renewal, the world continues to deteriorate. GIVE UP!

(You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, The universe is laughing behind your back.)