Once again, the pendulum swings, a fad food that everybody thinks will cure their ails, drop magical amounts of weight, and prevent every major disease, turns out to be a normal food with certain minerals that can be damaging in LARGE quantities.

“Eek! Why it Might Be Time to Step Away from the Kale”

I’m not refuting anything in this article. I am certainly not surprised at any of the findings. Kale is pretty darned light. And to get satiated by having it as your primary green, you have to consume quite a lot of it. Do we need to step away from it? How about – step away only if you are taking excessive megadoses. Everything is fine in moderation. Nothing is a super food. There are no free lunches in nature.

And you should continue to eat it, snack on it – but when it arises to grinding it into shakes, pills, etc.