Month: September 2009

Nerdodamus is sympathetic

I know the feeling, I mean how many times have listened to something like this and you just want to teleport yourself anywhere . . . *ANYWHERE* . . . other than where you are at the moment. I am sure Ron Wood would have the same affect if he employed a translator.

I mean it can be entertaining to be a spectator to such a trainwreck but poor guy! To be an unwilling participant.


POLITICO: Ensign receives handwritten confirmation – Live Pulse – Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

So let me get this straight: Buy our health insurance you cannot afford or pay an almost $2000 fee? And *still* not be covered? Cannot afford the fee? Go directly to jail. Is this what you all signed up for when you voted for him? And if there is no single payer then basically you have to buy or go to jail. Insurance is already one of the only for-profit industry where you can go to jail (in some states – yes for auto/home/etc.) for not buying a product.

POLITICO: Ensign receives handwritten confirmation – Live Pulse – Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

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More False Panic

In their quest for ratings and the perpetuation of “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!” fear mongering, the media and our beloved local state government have, once again, teamed up to spread fear. Out of a population of ten million people (2.2. million children,) one child has died from Swine flu.

In order to protect panic in the specific area where the child lived, they have decided not to tell where the child lived, how it was contracted, and when it was contracted. They are only saying it happened in North Carolina – HENCE – creating fear and panic across the entire state.

Please also note this quote:

“Engel said the child’s death was likely due to underlying medical conditions which made the effects of swine flu more severe.”

It would help to know what these underlying medical conditions were.

Another Prediction

Another vision has come forth. Hear me as I predict:

Within the next decade, the United States will elect a new president. This president will bring a message of change. He or She will develop a huge following and will be elected by receiving the most votes.

On election night, people will be thrilled and elated. They will celebrate in the streets. A large percentage of these people will be convinced that their lives will change for the better overnight and all of their problems will go away immediately.

Sadly, for most of them this will not come true. Their personal lives will remain the same. They will feel distraught and immediately displace all of their problems upon him or her. This new leader’s popularity will drop significantly within the first 100 days post-inauguration.

Media networks with a bias towards the opposing poltical party will monitor every move of the leader ir order to point out every mistake. A large percentage of the population who voted for the opponent will purchase various paraphanalia and swag such as apparal, plastic buttons, and bumper stickers stating not to blame them for they voted for the opponent.

It would be interesting in my lifetime . . .

It would be interesting in my lifetime . . .

to drive a Pink El Camino

to hear Depeche Mode covering “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”

to study Metaphysical Virology

to have been a fly on the wall in the household of Dr. Beverly DiAngelis and Dr. John Gray while they were married

to see Gary Glitter, Andy Kim, Gilbert O’Sullivan, and Petra all at the same venue.

to see the contestants of American Idol perform the music of the Wu-Tang Clan

to also see Elton John perform at a benefit concert for Fred Phelps

to witness a political round-table discussion including Bill O’Reilly, Mumia Abu-Jamaal, Noam Chomsky, and Barney Frank

to meet five sisters named Paris, Domino, Lulu, Rae Dawn, and Zsa Zsa

to read about a polygamist family with one wife and six husbands

to have Presidential Pardons of Brian Peppers and Tommy Chong