Here come the Student Athletic Unions!!!

As Northwestern Players Pursue Unionization, a Voice in the Wilderness Gains a Chorus

As the sanctions continue to oppress programs, punishing mostly poor and minority students – the NCAA and many academics yielded no quarter to the plight of the student athlete juxtaposed with the booming big business of college sports. Yes, Shane Battier asking for NBA-style salaries was ridiculous over a decade ago. But Shane Battier was one guy. What most of these athletes need, they cannot get because it will cost them their careers and colleges their programs.

Is it too much to ask to provide student athletes with the following:

  • Full Room and Board
  • 1000 a month stipend
  • Scholarship insurance
  • Transportation back and forth home
  • Health/Medical Care fully covered while playing
  • Graduation Financial Bonus

Why do Universities take sponsorship’s, merchandise deals, and TV deals allowing coaching staff to make millions. The Officers of the NCAA make millions as well – yet they will not even allow the above for the students.

The NCAA should have seen this coming. As the Internet says, “You should have expected us!”


Are you an AutoDidactic?


Wikipedia defines it as:

“Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education is self-directed learning that is related to but different from informal learning. In a sense, autodidacticism is “learning on your own” or “by yourself”, and an autodidact is a self-teacher.” 


I prefer the Merriam Webster definition – Much more Simple:

“a self-taught person”

Well, if you do mind learning for the sake of learning, not getting college credit – BUT – NOT SHELLING OUT RIDICULOUS amounts of money on a wasted degree – well you can practically go to college for free online:


Great for providing STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and humanities-themed education. Ideal for enhancing, supplementing any curriculum. Free-thinking and critical-thinking is encouraged.

Academic Earth

YouTube EDU

The Einztein Knowledge Network

Khan Academy

Open Culture

Good Lectures

Yes again, you can practically go to college for free online.